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We invested in the newest dental technology so you can have a dental experience that is more comfortable and faster than you ever thought possible.

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Providing Gentle Dental Care

Dr. Mary Grace Rizzo-Fryzel invites you to discover how her vision for the perfect patient experience can make your next visit to the dentist more comfortable and faster than ever before.


From the moment you call to schedule your appointment, you will notice that we do things differently here. We treat everyone with genuine respect and use gentle dental techniques for all our procedures. Our staff will never lecture or judge, we just go out of our way to make you feel comfortable.  

The Future of dental Care

Dr. Mary Grace Rizzo-Fryzel

and her team represent the next generation of dental care - Fast, professional, and affordable.

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We offer general and advanced cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from simple restorations to complex crowns and bridges.